Selfie Obsessions – Is It Healthy Or Narcissistic?

Mirror mirror on the selfie obsession wall
In 2013, “selfie” was officially added to the Oxford Dictionary. It refers to a person taking a photo of themselves with their own phone or camera.

The idea of taking a self-portrait isn’t really new. It seems since the beginning of time we’ve felt the need to capture ourselves […]

Divorce Financial Settlement Advice Newcastle NSW

Divorce: A time of change
Whether it comes as a sudden shock or more gradually, divorce and separation brings emotional upheaval to people, and challenging issues with finances and property. Whatever the circumstances, you will need divorce financial settlement advice as the divorce proceedings go forward.

With an expected one in three marriages ending in divorce […]

Safeguard Your Ability to Pay Off Your Home Loan – Newcastle Finance

It’s not unusual that life can be smooth sailing one minute and throw you a curveball the next.

You might be hit with an injury or illness, a reduction in income or redundancy, a separation from your partner, or even a death in the family—all of which can be difficult, emotionally as well as financially.

If […]

The 2017-18 Australian Federal Budget – Newcastle Financial Advice

Pragmatism and fairness rule
The 2017-18 Australian Federal Budget has much to make it popular. In fact, the goodies make it almost feel like a pre-election rather than a post-election budget. The transformation from the austerity to end “the age of entitlement” of the 2014 budget to the “fairness, security and opportunity” of this Budget […]

What’s Your Debt Age? Newcastle Financial Advice

The types of debt we have largely depends on our age and stage in life.

For most of us, having debt in some form or another is an inescapable fact of life. And despite its reputation, debt is not necessarily a dirty word.

If managed well, it can be a powerful tool to build wealth, and […]

Funding Aged Care for a Spouse – Aged Care Advice Newcastle

When you begin to look at funding aged care for your spouse or parents and, trying to sift through all the DAPs, RADs, and working through the calculations for Centrelink, if you get totally overwhelmed then you are not alone. After going through this experience over the past few weeks I can tell you…don’t […]

Donald Trump – Is The Honeymoon With Investors Over?

Key points

Donald Trump’s presidency comes with greater than normal risks. But his policy announcements should improve in quality over time and pragmatic pro-growth policies are likely to ultimately dominate populist policies.
However, the Trump honeymoon with investors is likely over with a short term period of correction/volatility likely to continue in shares, bond […]

Review of 2016, Outlook for 2017 – Newcastle Financial Advice

looking better despite the political noise

Key points
– 2016 started badly for investors with worries about global growth and deflation. But global growth turned out okay &, despite political events, rising bond yields & disappointing Australian growth, the end result has been a constrained but okay year for diversified investors.

– 2017 is likely to see […]

Superannuation Changes from July 2017 – Newcastle Finance

How Will Superannuation Changes Impact on You?
We cover some of the factors to be aware of given changes have just passed in parliament and are due to become superannuation law.

Earlier this year, the Federal Budget announcement included a proposal to introduce changes to super bigger than the likes of anything we’ve seen in almost […]

What to Consider When Investing in a Low Return World

Identifying market dislocations is something that requires investment expertise
For some investors, volatility matters. When approaching retirement, volatility tends to matter more owing to sequencing risk. In the video below, we assess some considerations for investing in low return world.
Share market volatility is expected to remain elevated
Investment market volatility is essentially triggered by uncertainty around […]